CLUDs Laboratory   "Community Local Urban Development"

The CLUDs Lab is part of the PAU Department of the Università Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria (Italy). The CLUDs Laboratory has been managed by Prof. Carmelina Bevilacqua since 2011 in the aftermath of the CLUDs Research Project (Commercial Local Urban District), funded by the 7th European Research Framework Program, Marie Curie IRSES 2010.


For its whole life span the Laboratory has been integrating research and training activities in the field of local sustainable economic development (LSED). The main scientific scope encompasses both Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and urban-rural interaction. In this view, the principal goal concerns exploring new approaches in both the development and implementation of urban regeneration policies and economic development strategies. The combination of Research and Higher education activities is endowed with the existing international research network which has been actively participating at International Research EU-funded projects including: CLUDs Project (2011-2014) and the MAPS-LED Project (2015-2019).

Nonetheless the international academics, belonging to the CLUDs Network, are the core of the Educational Agenda of the International Doctorate in Urban Regeneration and Economic Development Program (URED DP) activated in 2012. Both professors and young researchers entrench the research capacity to steer scientific activities regarding relevant topics in the Europe 2020 strategy, including:


  • Enable technology transfers based on “business process”;
  • Develop flexible business and partnership models;
  • Support research groups through strategic marketing;
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship in the research community;
  • Support the process of entrepreneurial Clustering;
  • Spread the fast-track approach.


Those objectives call for an increasingly central role that urban areas would play in the programming strategies of European Cohesion policy. In fact, urban areas are key points for the sustainable, inclusive and smart development of regions in respect of three main drivers: I) the labor market; II) the market of products and services and for knowledge; III) information and decision-making processes. Accordingly, it is a necessity to create an urban platform which rewards attention to the links between urban and rural areas.


At both conceptual and operational standpoints, a possible connection among cities (e.g. smart city) and the so-called “smart specialization strategy" (S3) needs to be deepened considering key elements of smart specialization such as:

  • The objective basis which does not consider only the typical issues of research and expertise, but analyzes all factors, such as geographical location, demographic structure, climate and natural resources, and studies the problems on the demand side, i.e. the social needs, potential clients and innovation
  • Cross-fertilization between sectors and technologies. For some regions, the clustering may represent a starting point for cross-sectoral connections and spread out of knowledge, both within the region and externally in other regions.




Research Fields


Dipartimento di Patrimonio, Architettura e Urbanistica


Carmelina Bevilacqua


PhD students:
Ou Yapeng, Arnault Morisson, Antonio Errigo, Guglielmo Munervino, Gamal El Attar, Svjetlana Mise, Annalisa Rizzo, Francesco De Stefano.


PhD Candidates:
Claudio Massimo Colombo, Israa Mahmoud, Cesare Cascella, Giuseppe Pronesti', Laura Biancuzzo, Gianmarco Cantafio


Teresa Nucera, Alessandro Saverio Falcomatà, Leonarda Tripodi, Francesco Cappellano, Alfonso Spisto, Ilaria Giada Anversa, Luana Parisi, Iago Rodriguez-Lestegas Tizon, Ilaria Giada Anversa, Virginia Borrello, Giuseppe Umberto Cantafio


Research fellows:
Israa Mahmoud, Carla Maione, Pasquale Pizzimenti, Francesco Cappellano, Giuseppe Pronesti'


Project-based collaborators:
Laura Battaglia, Giacomo J. Sanzo


Scientific Coordinator:
Carmelina Bevilacqua


Urban economy, Urban regeneration, Sustainability, Management of resources, Support services to public and private


ERC Domains:
SH2_9 Urban, regional and rural studies SH2_10 Land use and regional planning SH3_7 Social policies, welfare SH5_8 Cultural studies, cultural identities and memories, cultural heritage






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