The CLUDs project has introduced the concept of “milieu” to offer a different source of sustainability within urban regeneration initiatives, that is the connections with the surrounding rural areas to reinforce local economy. Among different contributions in literature about the meaning of milieu, the more suitable explanation, according to the CLUDs project, is the following: “a set of potential expressed by a particular territory that should be recognized and captured by the organization of local actors in order to be exploited as sources of local development”.


The main feature of the milieu is the capability to relate physical resources with local actors, by covering three dimensional aspects: the individual (value attitudes, life-style, actions, perceptions); the level of the district/neighborhood (locality); and the level of the network. Connected to this general meaning, some specifications arise from the new economy or new economic geography implications, especially with respect the GREMI (Groupe de Recherches Européensur les Milieux Innovateurs) model.


Links between localized production system and “innovator milieu” have been analyzed “to show the way in which the complex interaction of demand, increasing returns, transport costs, as well as learning processes and other relevant elements, yield to performances even spatially differentiated, with areas which become losers or winners in the new competitive environment.”


According with the general objective of the CLUDs project, the key concept, coming out from the territorial milieu perspective, turns out as the following: “the role of space in innovative and localized processes depends on its capacity to promote local initiatives, to create a wave of new forms and to activate a territorial dynamic of innovation”. The specific context of the research outlines urban regeneration initiatives as drivers of sustainable development.






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