The current challenges that cities have been dealing with, compel both academics and policy makers to reconsider the business as usual development paradigms. Rapid urbanization processes and societal dynamics have been pushing towards the definition of new development model.


In this view, Research Activities are crucial to understand the reasons of changes and provide alternative solutions towards the improvement of people’s life conditions. Since 2011 the CLUDs Laboratory has been pursuing as its foremost objective the combination of research activities with the higher education agenda. At this regard the CLUDs Lab uses to trigger, implement and manage internationalization processes considered keen to satisfy the local demand of Research, innovation and Technological transfer.


Accordingly, the CLUDs Lab strives for a sharp mission based on three main pillars including:


1. Networking activities in order to expand the laboratory platform to public and private stakeholders based on specific cooperative agreements (e.g. MoU) aiming at empower the internationalization processes of “Knowledge Institutions”;


2. The implementation of Pilot Projects on the Calabria territory, in order to boost knowledge and technological transfer in this region thanks the permanent link between Research and Higher Education Activities;


3. Capitalization of best practices through local action plans, results/functional-oriented to the establishment of partnership agreements in the field of urban-rural connections and the implementation of Smart Specialization Strategies in terms of spatial, socioeconomic and environmental effects, consistent with the Europe 2020 Strategy and expendable in Calabria.

CLUDs Laboratory   "Community Local Urban Development"







Università degli Studi "MEDITERRANEA"

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