First year (residential in Reggio Calabria)


During the first year the Doctorate students (6+6), selected by an international Commission, are required to attend lectures at the University “Mediterranea” of Reggio Calabria. In addition to the traditional doctorate lectures series, the program includes two specific lectures series, one chaired by the NEU and another chaired by the SDSU. These lectures will cover the major aspects of urban regeneration in the US, both in economic and urban planning terms.


The doctorate lecture series consist in:


1. Spatial planning (chaired by European Faculty from CLUDs Project international staff);

2. Community and City Planning (chaired by San Diego State University Faculty – CLUDs staff);

3. Economics (chaired by Northeastern University Faculty – CLUDs staff).


The lectures are intended to prepare Doctorate students to undertake the second year, which will be held in US.


Second year (residential in Boston, United States)


During the second year the doctorate students (6+6) are required to attend lectures in the US, Northeastern University of Boston. The lectures will cover the following topics: microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistic, urban regeneration, urban planning. The lectures are intended to prepare doctorate students for the doctoral dissertation.


Third year (dissertation - residential in Reggio Calabria)


During the third year the doctorate students (6+6) will complete their dissertations. The admission to the final dissertation is conditional on a positive assessment of the entire thesis by the supervisor and the PhD Faculty CLUDs Project international staff.






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